The LI Center for Business and Professional Women is dedicated to advancing women’s equal participation, leadership and employment in business, industry and the professions through networking opportunities, member education, community involvement, and personal and professional development.


In 1977, a small group of Long Island business women and educators, calling themselves the “110 Center for Business and Professional Women,” gathered to address the issues of male/female relations in the work place, and, at that time, the attitude of male faculty towards female engineering students on Long Island. This new group decided that workshops and seminars on male/female business communications and conduct in the business place could fill a void and opened those early workshops to the public. The dinner meetings and workshops soon were overflowing with professional and business women.

The first event to honor an outstanding local business and professional woman, called “Salute to Long Island Women Achievers,” took place in October 1977. By 1979, the LI Center For Business and Professional Women , as it is now known, was providing women with skills for leadership, knowledge for improving business through networking, and personal and professional motivation opportunities.