4 Ways to Stay Motivated When Growing Your Business

Your alarm clock goes off, the loud buzz waking you up. You roll over, begrudgingly hitting the snooze button. You contemplate calling in sick. “I don’t feel like working today!” you tell yourself. 

We’ve all been there before.

When it comes to growing your business, fewer things are as stressful. It can be hard to find it in yourself to stay motivated when everything seems to be so tough. Here are some tips that can help you get on track and accomplish your goals: 

1) Find Your Passion 

It’s impossible to grow your business when you aren’t passionate about it. The biggest killer in business is lack of enthusiasm about your work. Find your passion. Narrow down what it is you love about your business and keep that on a pedestal. Remind yourself a) what you are working for and b) why you are working for it. Surround yourself with other passionate entrepreneurs for an added boost. 

2) Make Small Goals

Looking at the big picture can actually be incredibly overwhelming. When we step back and think about all the work we have to do, it’s very easy to give up because it’s just too much. This is why it’s important to make small goals. Imagine your business as a staircase. We don’t take a giant leap and hope we make it to the top, we take small steps to get there. The same can be applied to business. 

Although we do want to focus on the end result, breaking down the ultimate goal into smaller bits to achieve along the way will help you get there. 

3) Set Aside Hours

It is unrealistic to put yourself to work 24/7. Set yourself hours! Giving yourself alloted time to work, and time to relax. Just like any other job, you have a period of time to get done what you need to do, and the rest of the day to yourself. This also prevents burnout from working too much or too hard, which can really put a damper on your motivation and productivity. 

4) Jump Into It

Waiting around for inspiration to strike can not only be a waste of time, but also make you second guess yourself. The best way to start a new project is to just jump into it. When sitting around with an idea floating in your head, you may start questioning your idea, or unknowingly procrastinating. Getting to work as soon as an idea forms can keep you focused and productive. 

Motivation can be a huge task to tackle. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by seemingly daunting projects. By applying these tips to your daily work schedule, handling business growth can make things much smoother. 

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